3.5. Test and measurement instruments

3.5.1. What is Oscilloscope?

3.5.2. What is a Spectrum analyzer?

3.5.3. What is Vector Network Analyzer?

3.5.4. How to use a Logic analyzer and decode I2C signals?

3.5.5. What is software-defined radio and how to run it on Red Pitaya?

3.5.6. What is LabVIEW and how to control Red Pitaya using LabVIEW?

3.5.7. How to perform cable length measurements & Reflectometry using Red Pitaya Jupyter notebook

3.5.8. How to operate a Michelson interferometer with PyRPL and a Red Pitaya?

3.5.9. How to interface Red Pitaya with MATLAB?

3.5.10. How to interface Red Pitaya with Python?

3.5.11. How to do EMC measurements using Red Pitaya?