3. Measurements in electrical engineering

Accurate measurement is crucial in various scientific and engineering fields, and this guide covers topics related to measuring uncertainty, capacitance, inductance, and frequency. In the first section, we explore measuring uncertainty, covering different types of errors that can affect measurement accuracy, including random and systematic errors, element tolerance, measurement instrument error, and outside noise.

Moving on, we dive into capacitance, inductance, and frequency measurements, including the basics of capacitors, inductors, oscillators, and how to measure them using the Red Pitaya. We also explore the common obstacles in measuring stray and parasitic capacitance and inductance. Additionally, we cover frequency measurement and oscillators, including a hands-on experiment for measuring RLC circuit oscillating frequency.

Whether you are a student, hobbyist, or a professional, this guide provides a comprehensive understanding of the principles and practical applications of measuring uncertainty, capacitance, inductance, and frequency. With hands-on experiments and a focus on common sources of error, this guide will help you improve your measuring skills and increase the accuracy of your measurements.