1. Learn FPGA programming

Red Pitaya is a Zynq7 FPGA – based low-cost electronic board with many components such as a two-core ARM processor, fast ADCs, fast DACs, USB, LAN, etc. In many respects, Red Pitaya is similar to the Arduino or Raspberry Pi, with a large community of enthusiasts and an increasing collection of open-source material. What makes Red Pitaya even better are two fast ADCs, two fast DACs and, most of all, the programmable logic or field-programmable-gate-array (FPGA). With on-chip FPGA Red Pitaya could be used for high-performance computing, state-of-the-art measurement system, signal processing and much more. Having both a Linux-based processing system and programmable logic Red Pitaya is an ideal board for introduction to FPGA programming and ultimately for building powerful professional and non-professional projects such as radar, radio systems, vector-network-analyzer, etc